The birth of Branding

The birth of Branding

The birth of Branding (does the name really matter?)

From day one and you are given a name that your parents chose, they most probably chose it for a reason! I know many moms like to name their daughters in something related to them.

A brand isn’t any different, and owners should think through it when choosing their brand name.

As you grow up, your personality shapes through different situations. Somehow brands must do the same; they have to shape their brand identity to set foot on the correct beginning. 

You probably know the answer from now: YES! The name does matter. But through the following article, we will discuss how big cooperates choose their name, how to choose your business name and the elements of brand identity. This article is a little guide talking about how to create the birth of Branding.



The birth of Branding
Famous names and its' originality:

Famous names and its’ originality:

We all are familiar with Amazon, and its logo explains that they have everything from A to Z, but the naming also has a trick; it’s after amazon river, the longest river in the world. They planned every detail to say loud & clear that they have the most prominent online shop with unlimited items.

This name is called a symbolic name, and that means there are more brand name types:

1- Descriptive names: in this case, let’s take “Volkswagen” as an example, the naming here came for the car creator “Ferdinand Porsche,” he was hired by “Hitler” to design a car that is functional & affordable. The naming came “Volkswagen” in the Germain language meaning “the people’s car.”

2-Geographic names: like “Adobe” Adobe is the name of a creek that runs between the Los Altos and the Palo Alto. the founders of adobe chose such name to highlight that through their multiple programs; you can go places and contact other sides through what you can create using such programs
3- Meaningful saleable names: like the one & only “Vodafone” it’s the mirage of the three words: voice, data, and telephone. One more is “Adidas” it’s the mirage of the first and last name for its german creator “Adolf Dassler.”

4- Ingredients within names: we all know the famous “Pepsi co.” , and if you mind and took a look at the ingredients of the bottle, you will find the “Pepsin” or the main ingredient of coke. And that is why it’s named Pepsi

5- creative nonsense names: yes, there is something like that, and it’s okay to create such a thing. But careful there, the name has to have a resonance sound and be catchy enough to stick in minds like the famous: “Kodak

That is not all the brand name types globally, but if you looked closely at every name, it was made to stand out. Why and How? Keep reading…

How can I create my brand name?

It looks like a challenging mission, but it’s not; you have to think it through. Let me highlight some points in your head so you can create your brand name:

1- check your story: think about the story that got you to do your own business, and a name might pop up in your head.

2- Synonyms and meanings: you may have a word in mind like “elegant,” which ain’t a catchy name, but its synonym “genteel” sounds like a good name. Thesaurus may help you in such a task. You also can look for the same in another language. It may light up your mind lamp.

3- check for no duplication: try to set your mind on at least 5 to 6 names, then search with every name for any duplication. Cause, later on, having a duplicated name will create some issues when it comes to SEO optimization. Check our SEO & SEM Services and contact us if you need any help.

4-after you go through all the previous points, make sure that the logo creation will stand for your message and name, which leads us to the following point …

Brand identity, logo, and slogan: what is the difference?

The slogan is a concise, descriptive line, and it has to be catchy, rhymes, and very memorable. But also consider that it has to deliver the image you want to be recognized by among people. Let’s take examples, so it’s mare clear:

Nike .. just do it        

Apple .. think different

Walmart .. Save money, Live better

MacDonald’s .. I’m loving it

L’Oréal .. because you’re worth it

The birth of Branding

The logo is the visual icon that describes your name and your entity. For example, the red three letters “KFC“, wherever you are going to see them, you will know it’s “Kentucky Fried Chicken.” The same goes for the crocodile icon; you will always know it’s a “La Cost” brand.

Mixing the name with the slogan and the logo, along with other elements, formulates the “Brand Identity.” Mixing them up will make you witness the birth of Branding.

The Brand Identity elements:

We have achieved that the logo is the foundation of any brand identity. And it’s followed by the slogan. Along with the slogan, there is the tone of voice or how you will address your end customer.

Then comes the brand identity and other elements:

The colours: there are the primary colours for the main use in social media designs, banners, websites, giveaways, etc. And the secondary colours are used for special events and one-time things.

  • Logo usage and ratio: how to apply the logo on the main brand colours, how much you can increase the logo aspect ratio, and how much you can decrease it. The wrong logo uses and the accurate ones.
  • Elements mock-ups: it means how your logo, style, and wording will look on your cover letter, ID, business card, notebook, etc.
  • Fonts & lines: you have to know what shape of letters you will use in all written brand languages. Also, the line used in any design, whether it is sharp, curvy, or a mixture of both, all will be included within the brand identity.

The importance of Branding:

Without any lengthy introductions to such importance, simply it achieves something called positioning. Positioning is the state of mind you leave for your audience and the first thing that will pop up in their heads when they think about you.

Some brands dominated in positioning. To explain what I mean, let’s take a local brand as an example “FAWRY.” However, plenty of brand names provide the same service in the country like “Aman,” but in most populations, the e-payment in Egypt is called “Fawry.”

The same goes for “Pampers,” though there are many brands that provide high-quality diapers, the population still calls it “Pampers.”

And to reach such positioning, you need to have the proper brand identity possible.

The birth of Branding:

Branding does not withhold a massive secret within its’ folds, but you need experts to execute it with you. So you can set foot correctly on the first step of the ladder of being recognized and appropriately positioned within people’s mindsets.

Check what we have done for Capital Group branding (and contact us, and we will guide you through Branding.