The Power of Brand Awareness for Brands Growth

Unlocking Growth: Get a winning content strategy with the hat trick

Driving growth for your business through the content strategy

Content marketing is your bridge to let your audience hear and see your brand, without the perfect strategy, you’ll never achieve your business’ goals,
and yeah! You’ll find the content marketing is needed for each step,
you wanna create catchy line for your seasonal offer?, you wanna tell people more about your products/services?, wanna create website?
For sure your need for the content marketing doesn’t have an end!

And when it comes to the content section, you should have a strategy !
You can’t win a game if you don’t have a plan, also you can’t reach your business’ goals without strategy .. that’s why you’ll need creative techniques to craft the perfect strategy …

How strategic technique could lead you to the content success?

Now, Let us tell you how strategic technique could lead you to the content success in details,
Creating the strategy, has a process to be done, but when it comes to the content creation, sometimes you might find that it’s not that easy!
Or, you might find that you have a mind block! You can’t think or create
like if your mind is empty! Nothing to get it out!
Here comes the importance of the strategic technique!
Simply, it’s a tool you use, to think in a creative way


What’s the hat trick?

While creating the content calendar or your website content or any content for “”” content strategy
 you might focus on one perspective, like if you created informative content but in a tone of voice that doesn’t match your brand identity
or like creative content but it doesn’t deliver valuable information for your audience, etc..
Here comes the importance of using the trick of  “six thinking hat”,
“Six Thinking Hats” is a way of investigating an issue from a variety of perspectives, but in a clear, conflict-free way.
and luckily it’s trick that could be used for every step that needs creative thinking,
The Six Thinking Hats approach was created by Edward de Bono, a Maltese physician, psychologist and philosopher.

Let’s imagine that now you have piece of content, and 6 hats with different colors
while wearing each single hat, you’re looking to your piece of content from different perspective,
By the end, you’ll look for your content from different 6 perspectives, So, you can easily judge your content and make your decision
Now, let’s see what are the 6 different colors of the hat trick!

Green hat, the creativity side!

Wanna make sure if your content is creative enough or not?
Wear the blue hat, double check if your content is creative enough or not!
Creative content is one of the main keys that may be the reason for your content to be unique and go viral !

Blue hat, the Conductor’s side !

wear blue hat and focus on controlling your thinking and managing the presented ideas. 

Red hat, the emotional side !

Wanna your content to touch your audience’ hearts?
Wear the Red hat while reading your piece of content..
emotional content could deliver your message even faster and without too much effort.

Yellow hat, the optimistic side !

Audience always prefer the solution not the problem, wear the yellow hat and make sure if your content is delivering the solution for their problems or not!
if yes! So you added value to your audience and your business will be their first choice.

Black hat, the judging side !

Judge your piece of content, wear the black hat and make sure that you don’t have any concerns and you’re not taking any risks that may affect on your business image.

White hat, the Factual side !

Wanna make sure if your content is delivering valuable information?
wear the white hat!
 Think about the knowledge and insights that you’ve collected already – but also the information you’re missing, and where you can go to get it.

Congratulations! With this technique you’ll be sure that your content is perfect creative, informative, valuable, emotional, optimistic and without any risks to affect on your brand image!
In this way, your content strategy will be achieved perfectly. 

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