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The War of AI versus Human, Will AI ever match Human Brilliance?

Perfection is just an illusion, even if it is the almighty Artificial Intelligence.

We all have witnessed King Charles’ Coronation Images “the after party as it seemed,” but shockingly, it wasn’t true; it was the arts and crafts of AI-engine tools.

If you have no idea about these images and it’s the first time to recognize them, Artist Neil Mason created AI-generate art using mid-journey to illustrate a Royal after-party different from the weekend of pomp and pageantry we actually saw for the coronation of the King.

Surprisingly, It Revealed AI’s Flaws: Unlike the known fact that AI results are error-free.

And these flaws illuminate the need for a human element in every process, as it’s not perfect after all.

This makes us wonder about The War of AI versus Humans, Will AI ever match Human Brilliance?

How can you spot AI-generated images?

➡️ Resolution

➡️ Pay attention to body proportions.

➡️ Watch out for typical AI errors (smoothness)

➡️ Body proportions (hands, teeth, ears)

➡️ Examine the background.

The War of AI

So, if you are still questioning, whether will AI take over the human role in business life?

The answer is definitely NO, AI won’t beat the human element and Human Role is irreplaceable unless they stopped developing themselves.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence Can’t Replace Humans at Work?

Let’s all agree that humans need development consistently, and if you ever stop developing, AI is not the only threat, other human being who is way more experienced and have more knowledge would easily replace you!!

But considering the AI:

– AI tools are not capable of the kind of creative thinking and problem-solving that humans excel at.

– Emotional intelligence is one of the distinguishing factors that make humans forever relevant in the workplace. The importance of emotional intelligence in the workspace cannot be overemphasized, especially when dealing with clients.

– AI can only function based on the data it receives. 

So After all, Why do you think the world needs AI?

AI technologies escalate, and they are essential to maintain a competitive edge nowadays.

Today, the amount of data that is generated, by both humans and machines, dominates humans’ ability to absorb, interpret, and make complex decisions based on that data. AI (and its logical evolution of machine learning) and deep learning are the foundational future of business decision-making.

Let’s have a sneak peek at the Key Benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it could benefit businesses:

Artificial Intelligence has paved the way for computer machines, to make human lives easier through:

•AI-enabled computers make zero errors if programmed correctly, and they are only performed correctly with the help of HUMANS.

•Helps to save both time and resources and helps in achieving accurate and efficient results.

•AI has the ability to quickly grasp and extract relevant data which might be needed for analysis.

•AI has all the skills and algorithms to process and make conclusions from big data in very less time, which helps in improving Customer Experience, based on consumer preferences and behavior, resulting in higher conversion rates, and purchases.

•AI enables the automation of routine monotonous tasks in areas such as data collection, data entry, customer-focused business, email responses, software testing, invoice generation, and many more.   

•Employees get time to focus on such tasks which require human abilities.

•Facilitates Quick Decision-Making

•Gathering reliable and valuable insights at a much faster pace.

•AI-based chatbots reduce the need for ineffective customer service staff.

Examples of voice assistants: Siri and Alexa, which respond to human voice commands and help them in resolving queries.

What’s the effect of AI on Marketing?

According to Forbes: AI is considered one of the 10 Trending digital marketing trends in Egypt in 2023.

Artificial intelligence (AI) powers all marketing. One of the quiet trends in digital marketing over the last few years has been AI, being integrated into almost every digital marketing channel. 

Algorithms determine the social media posts you engage with, the search results you see and even the ads displayed to you.

• That’s why, AI is making marketing smarter, connecting consumers to the exact right products and messages.

•bIt provides personalized experiences to customers. With the use of machine learning algorithms, businesses can analyze customer data and tailor their marketing campaigns to specific audiences.

• So, it can customize ads for each individual based on thousands of parameters. AI can also detect the best times and channels to broadcast an advertisement.

• But it also allows brands to quickly and easily provide valuable personalized content for the various client profiles in any marketing funnel stage and throughout each avenue and much more…

How do you think AI would affect you (As a business owner or a Marketer)?!

Let me tell you a little secret, Today’s marketers seek new ways to find and attract their ideal audience. As with the fast-paced and ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, reaching your people and getting results is getting harder and harder.

-Artificial intelligence has made it easier for marketers to analyze large data sets and draw insights from them, so these automating features have freed up more time for marketers to focus on strategizing and creative work.

-AI can easily create a buyer persona which fastens the marketers’ work as when they learn more about their target customers, they can use all of this in-depth knowledge to develop customized marketing strategies to reach them at the right place and the right time, and in a way that speaks their psychographic language.

-Businesses can now benefit from AI tools to maximize their marketing and sales efforts, as small business owners can reduce their efforts in various areas such as customer service, sales, and marketing.

So if you are still thinking about how brands are leveraging machine learning and AI technology as an integral part of their marketing strategy, Check Amazon’s strategies as a brand:

As Amazon was one of the first companies to pioneer personalized shopping recommendations, and over the years its algorithms have become increasingly sophisticated. Suggestions are now based not only on past purchases, but also items that other customers have bought, searching and browsing behavior, and many other factors.

Let us share with you, our Work generated by the use of AI tools, we have already created A” Mother’s Day” Campaign for one of our clients, using AI as a feature and how has it helped us come out.

The War of AI 2
The War of AI 3

and Eventually, Here’s A list of the Best-killer marketing/Business AI tools in 2023 that everyone should try at least once:

– 5 of the top AI Marketing tools: (HUBSPOTMarketoOptimizely, Acquisio, and Flick).

– 6 Powerful tools that would enhance your skills in creating magical content 

(, Jasper, Surfer, ChatGpt, Cohesive Al, Write Sonic, You chat).

– 3 tools that would leverage your writing skills, regarding Text enhancement

– (Grammarly, Word tune, Hemingway).

– 7 tools would help in Image and video generation

(DALLE 2, Ill stroke Looka Al, BlendAl, Picasso AI, FigmaAl,lumen5)

– 2 tools that would shorten your time creating a presentation and 2x your presentation skills


– And Zapier’s Open AI integration for automation.

To Sum up:

AI has the ability to surpass human intelligence and can perform any particular task (considering given the right input data) much more accurately and efficiently.

But people are necessary for the process of implementation and further development of AI-powered tools.

Therefore, AI should be used as a supporting tool, as it is proficient at processing and analyzing tons of data.

Eventually, by the end of your reading, you should’ve made up your mind about The War of AI versus Humans and will AI ever match Human Brilliance?

So, if you dream to Master the Game of AI and write the future for your business. 

Contact the brains programmed for your brand’s/business’s success and reach out to Bsmart Creative Agency for expert guidance and updates.

Because we have the Smart brains for your gains.