Emotional Marketing

Emotional Marketing: How your brand makes people feel

What is the latest promotional video that has touched you from within? You didn’t forget it, yet, right? And that is emotional marketing.

Making special offers, commercial ads, and getting a sales increase is not just what you need to attain your business goals because how your brand makes people feel determines whether they buy your product or not. So what you really need is to build a strong bond between you and your target audience, getting into their lives, memorable moments, and the very close and hard times to make them feel that you’re a part of their everyday thing, and how much they need you to be in it.

Therefore, emotions are the easiest way to reach this point; humans love that! And get attached very quickly to it.

Accordingly, emotional marketing or How does your brand make people feel can take your brand to the next level. Using a good marketing strategy and mentioning the emotional side of your customers in it are such powerful tactics. It can influence decisions and motivate your customer to take action. That’s why it’s an effective marketing method that inspires people to buy your product and helps you to achieve your business goals.

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People have heard many of the brand’s success stories, and actually, they don’t care anymore. But hearing real-world stories sounds much more interesting to them and will strengthen the relationship between you and your audience. 

And based on that, Storytelling marketing has a fantastic ability to bring life to your product and connect customers with it on a profound level because we tend and love to feel that we can relate or belong to something by nature. We get attached to it once we feel that someone can express what we are feeling, like wow!! I’m not the only one, which means I’m not alone, and someone really sees me, and my needs are valued! 

And if a brand makes us feel that through marketing campaigns, it’ll build a lifetime relationship and a pure loyalty to it.

So you have to know what stories to tell and how you will tell them.

Stand out in your customers' mind

We’re not robots. We don’t have memory cards in our brains. That’s why we can’t remember everything. Still, we can’t forget our emotional memories, the things that touched something deep inside of us, And based on a study saying that there is a strong relationship between our emotions and long-term memory.

And this brings us to the fact that whenever people hear the name of your product, they will conjure up the feeling that you made them feel.

So, when you create a campaign, make sure to make it a bright, genuine, and soulful one to touch your customers’ hearts and stick with their minds.

Don't fake it, be authentic.

The truth is always a great way to build a strong relationship with your customers and apprise them that your goal is to gain their trust, not just earn their money.  

So keep sharing who you really are with your customers and what cases you want to negotiate, without thinking how much it’s susceptible; focus on how important it is to your audience, and believe that authenticity will impress them way more than faking perfection.  

Take a burger king “Moldy Whopper” campaign, for example, as they take a bold, fearless, and unexpected move by prize the Whopper burger decaying over 34 days to announce the chain’s decision to eliminate artificial preservatives from its flagship burger. And that successfully made people connected Burger King with fresh ingredients and broke the usual stereotype of selling food through irresistible delicious photo shots.

burger king

Hit the right nerve

Happiness and well-captured moments are not the only way to reach your audience and make them notice your brand. Because it’s not how it works! Real-life is more than that; it has its ups and downs; it’s not only about butterflies and happy moments. If you want to be honest, you have to know your audience well and play on their bad times too, even if it will hurt them a little, but it will also make them remember that time flies and everything will be ok.

But it’s a bit risky, and you have to be so picky and smart to know what nerve you will hit.

Using people’s feelings of anger is something tricky; you want to tell them “we are in this together, “but you may say it in a way they’ll get it as you’re offending them or making fun of the problem. So you have to focus and deliver your message in the right way, and the right way is always to make it simple and clever as much as you can. 

is a campaign that was made by “Always. ” They talked about a very sensitive topic, but they played it well because they delivered their message by focusing on the problem and finding a way to resolve it at the same time.  

Love from the first sight

Eyes are the gate for everything, so the priority goes to visuals. This is the first thing we notice and the easiest way to grab our attention, so we have to care about every single detail in it. 

Especially colours because it’s the main thing in it; it’s like the species in your recipe. It makes your message heartfelt and reflects your brand’s identity.

According to science the right hues and colours of shades can change a person’s psychological, emotional, and behavioural condition.

To sum up:

Now you know how to make your audience emotionally connect with your brand and touch their feelings. And how important it is to understand how to perfect emotional marketing by knowing how your brand makes people feel. You have to learn how to tap on the right nerve, understand what your customers want to feel, give them that feeling, and let them know that you appreciate their needs.

If you Love the idea of emotional marketing but don’t know how to apply it to your brand? We have used this marketing approach at “BSMART Creative Agency” on our dear client Social Takafol. Check what we have done and contact us for more help.